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Helping In Addiction

Erasmus Erasmus : This site has been developed to assist people who are the family members of or who are significant others to someone with a drug problem. If someone has a drug problem, and they are relevant to you, it is “you” who now has a problem.

There is a lot of advice and assistance available to people who have drug problems. But “professional helpers” such as the medical industry, often overlook that drug problems affect more than just the person with the addiction. Everyone agrees that the family and significant others are critical in helping a person overcome addiction. But what do you need to do?

 What this site aims to do is to give advice to family and significant others (FASOs), on what exactly must be done to assist someone with a drug problem.

Drug Monster The "user" monster

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Helping the substance user/addict often involves tough love. Remember the long-term goal is not just to get them to stop using. The long-term goal is to get them to want -to want- to stop using.


Kinkajou Kinkajou : These different goals imply very different strategies are needed for success.
Kick someone or apply heat and energy, and they will do what you want them to. But this type of action definitely does not get them to want to do - what you want them to do.


Erasmus Erasmus : I don’t intend for this to be a big site. Everything here needs to be read and thought about, much in the same fashion that a true devotee would read a phantom comic. I’m sure you can speed read everything here within minutes. But the value of this site lies in reading, then understanding and then applying this to your situation. (Paragraph by individual paragraph if need be).

The value of this site is when you go through the site with a notebook and jot down things that you yourself can do to help the SUBSTANCE USER / ADDICT/ User in your life.

Needles & Drugs The needle and syringe : used by injecting drug users.

Erasmus Erasmus : Drugs = Substances.

Erasmus Erasmus : This site aims to provide family and significant others (FASOs) – some directions on how to help their loved ones in dealing with drug (substance) problems.

Drug problems can be treated and with good effect. But the goals of treatment are different for those – ready to stop – and those not ready to stop. Just this simple fact –significantly  changes the type of interventions that FASOs (family and significant others) should undertake.

Our editorial team showcases the problems that emerge for drug (substance) users and their FASO s and tell you how to deal with them.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : The most concise advice:


stay onside – you cannot change their behaviour if you are fighting with them and if they are not talking / listening to you.

Look after yourself first. You will have no energy and resources left  if you yourself go into crisis. Realise there will be problems. These are predictable. We will tell you what to watch for.



Kinkajou Kinkajou : Our site showcases a range of scenarios that emerge for the drug (substance) dependent. Often a crisis precipitates the need for change in:

## health problems

## Financial problems

 ## Relationship problems

 ## and Legal problems.

And the problems, to a devastating extent, often all arrive at the same time. Doing the right thing can keep your drug affected or/drug using friend alive. Make no mistake about it drugs are dangerous. And the problems they cause are dangerous as well. People also suicide and die. Drugs are excellent tools for death.

Erasmus Erasmus :Too often we say that drug (substance) dependent people do well depending on the people around them and their social supports. But too rarely do we tell people just what it is that they are expected to do for the drug affected person.

This site aims to tell you these things. Finally we discuss ORT – opioid replacement therapy and its role in addiction management. Is almost impossible to help a true heroin (narcotic) user without using ORT. ORT has applicability to some other types of substance use as well. There is a role for methadone and a role for Subutex/Suboxone – but for  different people at different levels of substance use addiction.

Goo Goo : With our team, see the drug world through the eyes of experience and know what it is you need to do to make a difference.


Drug Needles IV Drug User.


Kinkajou Kinkajou : I think one of the most critical problems faced by FASOs (Family and Significant Others) is when they should help and when they should not help a substance
user / addict.




Goo Goo : That is not really that hard. You are allowed to help the person. You are not allowed to help them take drugs.


Erasmus Erasmus : There will always be grey areas. A user needs food. But if you provide food regularly, they will use the money this saves to access more drugs. It can be hard to draw the line.






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