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01/05/2021     Gmail - Fwd. : Your Criminal Matter

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : This is an example of a legal letter as may be sent to a substance user in trouble with the law. The substance user is on sending his legal advice letter to their parent.


Abercrombie Zombie : My Gmail
Fwd: Your Criminal Matter
1 message

Abercrombie Zombie <>
To: Father Zombie <>

For your information - email I received from the solicitor.
Forwarded message  

Solicitor Solicitors deal with legal problems These tend to be common in the lives of non users.


From: Helpful Experienced Solicitor
Date: 1st April 2021
Subject: Your Criminal Matter
To: Abercrombie.Zombie (Abercrombie.Zombie@gmail.Com)
Father Zombie < >
May 2, 2021 at 2:00 PM

SENT ON behalf of Helpful Experienced Solicitor

Dear Abercrombie,
Thank you for your time in meeting with me today in regards to your legal matters.

I have considered the information as I have received it and 1 considers that you are a candidate for a drug diversion program.

In order for ourselves to be able to make submissions in support of the attendance upon drug diversion for the purposes of having these matters finalised, it would be beneficial if we were able to receive from yourself- two character references. It is important that this character references make reference to the charge(s) before the court and then can talk about you as a person, how long they have known you, what you are trying to do now to rehabilitate and generally speak well about you. Of course, if you need assistance with these references please let me know.
I've attached our Letter of Engagement and Client Services Agreement for your review and attention. Our estimate of fees and trust account details are provided in this letter.

In the time being, once we receive your instructions to act, we will liaise with Queensland Police Service and the Courts Drug Diversion Program prior to the matter on 1st June 2021.

We will be in contact with you again once we have had these preliminary discussions. In the time being, of course if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any stage.

Kind Regards,
SENT ON behalf of Helpful Experienced Solicitor
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation
Brisbane Office

Judge In Court Judge Judy: all too often using drugs puts people in court, in trouble and in front of a judge.


02/05/2021     Gmail - Fwd: Your Criminal Matter

The Queensland Law Society has issued a warning in relation to email requests for money transfers by clients and Solicitors. Please do not email any bank account details to our offices by email. We will not request that you communicate such details to our office nor make any transfer of funds by way of email. We will contact you by telephone to provide such details. If you have concerns about any requests for funds that you have received for funds to be transferred to our office, from our office to you, please contact our office immediately by telephone.

4 attachments
CNGimage009.png    8K
Trust Account Authority - General.pdf   604K
4.2) Client service agreement incorporating disclosure notioe.pdf
Min Letter of engagement with client service agreement incorporating disclosure.pdf